Qualified PhotoWritten by Kim Johnson, Author of I Am My Sister (Women helping Women) LLC @ immysister.org

I like to think of myself as an educated, articulate, beautiful woman. A woman that tries to be the best that she can be in every aspect of her life. (Sigh!) Even though I feel that way about myself, I recently came face to face with feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence when God called me to head a particular assignment. Some of those feelings were fueled by comments made from people and by the enemy attacking my thoughts. But thank goodness, as I kept my eyes on God, I began to see myself as He saw me; and I learned that I was equally as qualified as any other person to do what God called me to do.

Saints, too often we are made to feel unqualified. Buechner (2015), cites that “if we look at the twelve Apostles, we will see, that they were nobody special either. They were not “high-class,” or well-educated, or upstanding citizens; quite the contrary is true. Nor did they apply for the positions of Apostles. In fact, they were not qualified at all.”

“And yet, unqualified, unprepared and flawed as they were, Jesus “called” them. Mark’s Gospel states (6:7-13), He sent them out to preach the gospel, gave them authority, and instructed them. He chose them, and then he qualified them.” (Buechner, 2015).

The thing is this Saints! No matter what the enemy or people think about you, know that God approves you. In fact! “No one understands you better than God. He knows you far more profoundly than you can even know yourself. The Lord knows what you were created to be and all the great things He could accomplish through you if you were to surrender yourself to Him. He has designed you for a specific, and fulfilling purpose” (Stanley, 2009).

Sister to Sister, do you hear me? Do you know that you were chosen by God and that because of the anointing on your life you are qualified? So if you are qualified by God, why not step out on faith and walk in your calling.

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