Connecting The Dots


Written By: Kim Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself to you world. Hi my name is Kim! I am a blogger, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a godmother, a niece, a cousin, a mentor, a friend and an ex-wife (LOL). I hold four distinguished college degrees and I am a retired postal employee. I have suffered great losses, and have experienced extreme sadness. On the other hand, I have experienced joys that were so great, they were almost euphoric. The most important information about me is, I am a child of God. Whew! Now that I have said all of that, what does it all mean? I’ll tell you what it means, it means that all of my life’s experiences happened for a reason and that God is going to use them for His good and His glory.

When I look at my life it seems so scattered to me, and it doesn’t make any sense. Why did I go to college and get all of those degrees which had nothing to do with the job that I held in the postal service? Why did I have to go through such deep hurt when I divorced? Why did I have to meet that person, and that person? Etc. it all makes no sense to me. One thing I have learned by studying God’s Word is, God will connect all of the dots and that both the good and bad stuff, will either be used, or has been used as an example for others, or to do work in me.

Sisters, nothing that has happened in your life is a waste. Those obstacles that were meant to destroy you, those failures you felt, and all those disappointments, those unpleasant experiences, the challenges, the sickness, that death, those promotions, yes! that success, the births, your friends, those telephone conversations, the setbacks, that gossip about you, your job, those blessings, your education, your marriage, that divorce, weight loss or weight gain, lay-offs, being bullied, harassment, and that rejection you felt, I could go on and on. All of those things are a part of you, and God is going to use them. “God uses everything to grow us in faith so that through us, others will come to know His mercy, grace and love” (Hiley, 2017).

In the bible it says, God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, and to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

I like the way Pastor Charles Stanley explains it, he says, “on this side of heaven we may never understand how all things can work together for good for God’s children. Though not all things we experience are in themselves pleasant or helpful, some of them are very painful, we are promised that God uses everything for our benefit. Therefore, we must have faith that He will turn our failures and hardships into opportunities for spiritual growth.

“God is for us. He is not against us. He often uses trials to position us for greater blessing, and even in times of great disappointment, we can trust that He has our best in mind and will work all things out for our good. He knows how He wants to use the disappointment or hardship for our benefit, and He desires that we see Him as our only source of salvation and blessing (Jeremiah 29:11)

Sister to sister do you hear me? There are no wasted years. God is going to connect all of the dots in your life, and everything is going to come together for you. Just keep your eyes focused on God and watch how He uses the things that have happened in your life.


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The Inner Circle

IMG_0724.JPGWritten by: Kim Johnson, author of  I Am My Sister (Women helping Women)

When I was growing up, I had two best friends. We did everything together. We dressed alike, spent many long hours discussing our future and our dreams. We loved each other. There was nothing we wouldn’t do for one another. We always had each other’s back. But as we grew older our lives took us in different directions. (Sigh) I often wonder if some of the trials and tribulations that I have experienced as an adult, would have been more tolerable if my childhood friends were around to talk with.

Nevertheless, out of all the friends in my life now, there are only a few people that I allow in my inner circle, like when I was a child. It’s not that I don’t trust other people, it’s just that, I want to surround myself with likeminded people. I want to be around friends that can talk me off the ledge, and encourage me. I want friends that are not afraid to get real with me, or who will walk through the rough times with me. I need friends that will intercede (in prayer) on my behalf especially when I-am-in-my crazy, friends that are genuinely happy for me; and above all, friends that love the Lord.

Relatedly, if you look at Jesus’s life, you will see that He didn’t take His inner circle of friends lightly either. In fact, in the bible it tells us that Jesus went off into the mountains to pray to God before He chose His 12 Apostles (Luke 6:12-15). And although He shared many things with all twelve of them, there were only three that were in His inner circle, Peter, James and John. For instance, “Peter, James, and John were the only disciples allowed to accompany Jesus when He raised the daughter of Jairus, from the dead (Mark 5:37). And on the mountain where Christ was transfigured in the presence of Moses and Elijah, none of the apostles was invited to witness the glorious event except Peter, James, and John (Mark 9:2). And in the Garden of Gethsemane, not long before His arrest, and eventual execution, the Lord selected only Peter, James, and John to accompany him to a solitary place for prayer, Mark 14:32-35” (Moore, 2012).

In any case, I’m not too sure why Jesus choose those three apostles to go certain places with Him and not the others; but what I can see is, that Jesus definitely had an inner circle.

Basically, what I am saying to you is, be careful of who you allow in your inner circle. Not every one of your acquaintances should be allowed to know all of your business. Not everyone is for you. Not everyone can handle your most intimate thoughts. And not everyone is walking the same walk as you. You need friends that have faith in you, and that you can tell anything to.

Sister to Sister do you hear me? Do you have a friend that you can share everything with?


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Delays and Detours

Delays and Detours

Written by: Kim Johnson, Author of I Am My Sister (Women helping Women) @ (

I have always been the type of person that when my mind is set, that’s the direction I am headed. Full steam ahead is my motto; Lol, I’m about my business. Well, I can see, God is about His business too, and sometimes my business and His business don’t line up. I used to get so disappointed when I had plans and those plan didn’t work out the way I expected them to. I can remember as far back as when I was a child growing up, having feelings of disappointment when my mom told me we were going to do something, and then at the last minute, those plans changed. I don’t know, maybe those childhood disappointments had something to do with my behavior as an adult.

In any event, God is still working on me, and I thank God that my mindset is totally different now. Today, I am more conscious of God’s desire for my life, and I can see that those disappointments as a youth, were actually delays and detours which were meant to arrow the course of my life in a very different direction than I was headed. To God be the Glory!

As for you, Woman of God, you need to know, God may use a multitude of detours in your life to get you to where He wants you to be. Some detours could be, sorrow, loneliness, heartbreak, illness, affliction, disappointment, and the death of a loved one. Regardless of the method God uses, and no matter what happens in your life, never forget that God is in complete control of all things, including Satan. Nothing! And I mean NOTHING! Happens without the Fathers permission, and His knowing about it.
Likewise, “the Lord works through adversity; allowing it in our lives for a season to accomplish an important purpose in us. That adversity trains us to trust God, and it can be a bridge to a deeper relationship with Him” (Charles Stanley, Job: 1-12).

Sisters do you hear me, God has a plan for your life, and sometimes there is no direct path that leads to that plan; sometimes there are twist and turns. He knows every detail about your life, your situation, and your heart, including the painful stuff. But no matter what! Stay the course. Keep praying. Keep trusting, because God’s desire is to bless you.

Sister to sister, what are you going through? Do you trust God even though you may be delayed or have to take a detour?

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