Have Faith in Dark times

Written by, Kim Johnson-Founder of “I Am My Sister (Women Helping Women)”

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to have faith when we are going through a rough patch in our lives, even when we know the word of God.

But the good news is, when we surround ourselves with friends and family who know the Word of God, too. We can count on them to remind us of what we already know, which is “to have faith even though we are in a dark place.”

Sister to Sister do you have people in your life that can pray and intercede for you?

Be a Blessing

Everyone needs a blessing. We all need to be encouraged, edified, complimented, and appreciated.

And YOU have the ability to bless others. Be thankful that God not only blesses you, but that He has made you a blessing.

We all get weary at times and need other people to let us know that we are valuable and appreciated (Joyce Meyers).

So be a blessing to someone today. Amen

Sister to sister do you hear me? Are you willing to be a blessing to someone?