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Have you ever been so grateful that it was hard to contain the feeling? Well that is how I am feeling right now. Today, while I was walking my children in the park (my dogs), I started thinking about how grateful and humbled I felt, and how God choose me to bring His vision to fruition. I thought about the people He could have chosen, but He chose me. The people who are greater than myself, in my eyes, but yet, He chose me. My fleshy thoughts said to me, how did God know I would do His Will? How and why did God choose me of all people? And yet, I knew the answer deep down in my spirit.

I reminded myself that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. There is no limit to the power of God and that He cannot lie (Rev. 19.6; Matthew 19:26; Titus 1:2). God is everywhere. We cannot hide from Him, He knew I would do His Will; because God knows everything and nothing can escape His gaze and His knowledge. If it can be known, God knows it! (Psalm 139:12; Corinthians 2:10). So why not me!

The same goes for you! God can use you too. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter where you come from, no matter your race or nationality, He can, and will use you. The thing is this Saints, “every person has weakness and faults. God doesn’t always use perfect people. God will use you while you are growing, all you have to have is a heart for God.

In simpler terms, we just have to give ourselves permission to have some flaws because God wants to use us even with our limitations. After all, if you look at scripture, you will see that God used a host of people that were not perfect to do His will.  So, If He could use them , He can use you too, all you have to do is get into agreement with God” (Osteen, 2015).

Sister to Sister, do you hear me? Do you approve of YOU? Do you know that God CAN and Will use you for His purpose? Are you willing to be used when He calls?

Thank you God, I love you…

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