Written by Minister Kim Johnson, founder of ‘I Am My Sister (Women Helping Women)’

Waiting When God is Silent

God used to talk to me ALL the time when I was preparing for my previous conferences and I was able to do as He instructed step by step. But when I began preparing for my third women’s conference I couldn’t hear God’s voice all the time. I would hear Him now and then, and sometimes so quietly I questioned if it were Him talking to me or me talking to myself.

As a person that does not like to get a head of God, I started feeling unsure of myself and being a little double-minded. I knew that it was the enemy messing with me, which made me feel even more desperate to hear from God. I did not want to mess up with God or do anything on my own accord; so you can imagine what I was going through.

I think, during that time, it was one of my more difficult walks with God.

One of the hardest things that I have had to do in my life is to wait on God especially not hearing clear directions.

Silly me tried getting peace by asking pastors and other religious leaders what they thought or what I should do, but I still had that empty feeling inside of me after they prayed and talked to me, lol.

I finally realized that I was still in my way. I was the obstacle. I was doubting that God would speak to me.

In the Charles Stanley Bible, Pastor Stanley breaks down what I was going through eloquently and I finally understood what was happening. He writes that, “We will have difficulty listening if we come to God with uncertainty, doubting that He is going to speak.

Instead, we are to approach God confidently and expectedly, anticipating that He will communicate with us. Such an attitude expresses our faith and demonstrates that we believe His promises.

Another problem is disobedience. God instructs us, but we do not like His answer. Perhaps we want more information before we step out on faith. Maybe the Lord is commanding us to release something that is important to us or directing us to act in a way that is terrifying, challenging, or unpleasant. Either way, we want Him to change His mind and plan.”

The thing is this Saints, “ we need to keep on listening attentively and prepare to submit to whatever the Lord tells us. Our heavenly father will speak, and when He does He will bless us greatly.”

We need to relax and just chill, God hears us, we just need to stand still and wait on the Lord.

Brothers and Sisters do you hear me, are you ready to stand still and wait on the Lord even when He is Silent?