Letting Go of the Love of My Life!

Written by Minister Kim Johnson, founder of “I Am My Sister (Women Helping Women)

I had to let go of a relationship with a man that I loved with all of my heart. In my spirit I knew he was not the one for me. It was difficult to let go, because it was a sole tie relationship. God quietly spoke to me every time I was with him. To me, this man was perfect. But God told me “just not for me.”

I’m telling you this readers, to tell you that, hearing the voice of God is important, and listening to that voice is just as important. Obedience can save you from unnecessary heartache down the road too.

Brothers and Sisters, walking with God is not easy, but it is worth it!

Are you Called to give up something you love for the sake of obedience?

I’m good now, whew!!! Thank you Jesus for always talking to me! And for loving me that much!


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