Written by Minister Kim Johnson, founder of I Am My Sister Women Helping Women)

As an anointed…called Christian, it is possible to lose faith, especially if you have enough setbacks in your life . Even David in the Bible lost his faith and hope for a moment. Psalm 13:1-6, tells us that David was all alone and momentarily felt that God had left him asking God “how long would He hide His face from Him.”

The thing is this, “at times we might feel as though God has hidden Himself from us. Yet these times do not last. Often He is testing us to see if we will continue to follow Him according to the truth of His Word, regardless of our feelings” (Charles Stanley).

As such, my brothers and sisters, we must try to remember how in the past God helped us, and know in our gut that God will not let us down this time either.

Brothers and Sisters do you hear me? Do you know that you can trust God?