Trust the Process

Written by Kim Johnson, founder of “I Am My Sister (Women Helping Women)”

When life throws us a curve ball or should I say, when we enter into “suddenly” storms there is a physical and mental process that is taking place. And sometimes our minds can’t adjust that quickly to what is happening or to the sudden news. We begin to wale and cry, we ask God why has He forsaken us, and where is He. We even ask God to take the pain and suffering away from us.

But the thing is my brothers and sisters, in every step of what you are going through you are being built up, you are being strengthened, you are learning to depend on God, and He has your full attention.

And while He has your attention He is able to remove the things in you that are not pleasing to Him and able to mold you into a better version of you. Glory!

The Book of James 5:10, basically tells us that “God uses our valleys to get our attention, to examine ourselves and to change our behavior. If you are willing to change what needs to be changed, you will emerge from adversity closer to God, more mature as His child, and with far greater potential to reflect the love of God to the world around you” (Charles Stanley Bible, Life Principle, p. 1483).

Brothers and Sisters, do you hear me? are you willing to go through the process?