The Eye of the Storm


Written by: Kim Johnson –

Sometimes, I just have to sit back and praise God for no reason at all. When I think of all the times God should have turned His back on me and He didn’t, I am just plain ole grateful. And even in my brokenness, when I went through Hurricane Katrina (figuratively speaking), and I thought I wouldn’t survive, God was right there extending me grace and mercy.

Humph…just thinking about life. Storms. God; and how they are all intertwined, I am awed. For instance, let’s look at Hurricane Katrina metaphorically. According to an article I read, the storm crept up on Louisiana early in the morning, causing catastrophic damage and death. Well, in my mind’s eye, I imagine everyone was sleeping, feeling warm, safe, secure, and not a care in the world. Then out of nowhere the category 3 storm hit with 100 -140 mile winds per hour. The storm was devastating, kind of like the storms that enter our lives; suddenly, swiftly and from out-of-nowhere.

When trouble (storms) enter our lives, it can almost be hard to catch your breath. The intensity almost knocks the wind out of you and you find yourself asking God how can you make it through? The thing is this sister’s, even in the middle of the most horrific storm, there is a calm region at the center called the Eye of the Storm. And during that time there CAN be sunshine, you can even see a rainbow, but you have to hold on tight to God’s hand and His promise.

In the bible, James writes that we should consider it all joy when we encounter various trials (James 1:2). Pastor Charles Stanley breaks it down even further, he say’s “there is nothing joyful about trials in and of themselves. The key to finding joy in adversity is where we place our focus. If we concentrate on our circumstances, we will become disheartened and discouraged. But when we fix our eyes on Jesus, we learn to rejoice in our difficulties, because God has promised to work through them to strengthen our faith, bring us into closer fellowship with Himself, and teach us endurance (pg. 1475).

Sister’s, what I am basically trying to say is this, you may not understand your storm, but know for sure, that even in the middle of your raging emotions, you can find peace. Call out to God, reach out to your sisters, read the bible, talk with someone and most importantly, know that God is working it out for you.

Sister to sister do you hear me? What are you going through?

FEMMA. (2017, August 28). Hurricaine Katrina Fast Facts. Retrieved from
Stanley, C. (2009). Life Principles. La Habra, CA: New American Standard Bible.


5 thoughts

  1. Thank you Vanessa. You are so right, whew!!! Staying focused in the middle of a rough storm. I try to always have a circle of likeminded people surrounding me, especially when those hard storms come, because on these like minded people help me to are able to talk the situation through, pray for one another, cry with each other, hold each other up and most importantly stay focused on God


  2. Thank you Melanie for sharing that with us; I definitely agree with you about putting that garment of praise on in the midst of the storm. I always tell myself that, but when the storm hits, sometimes I have to be reminded. Which is one of the reasons I try to surround myself with likeminded people such as you, so that when that storm hits and I find it hard to praise God, they can go into prayer for me until I remember and catch my breath and can do it for myself. Amen


  3. In my minds eye I see a tornado reeking havoc, only for God to clear-out the old to make room for the new. Sometimes life requires a demolishing of the old stuff in exchange for restoration. Putting on a garment of praise in the midst of a storm builds character (a shield of faith). That reminds me of Ephesians 6: 10-21. God bless you Sister Kim. Thank you for reminding us to stsy girded in the truth.

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  4. Kim thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this. Storms can be devastating and then some can be calm. Yet, when we go through the devastating ones like James say we must count it all joy. Some would say how can I count with joy and I’m going through this storm. The key is staying focus, remembering where our help come from and having a great support team or friend. This is a great topic you choose to blog on. May God continue blessing you as you go forth with your blogging. Love you my sister.

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