Written by –  Kim Johnson –

Too often we women accept bad behavior from men. I’ve been thinking about this topic lately. Why do we do it? Why do we accept infidelity, disrespect, verbal abuse, disloyalty, lies, deceit and just plain old cheating? Why do we stay in relationships that are unhealthy for us, or where we are doing the chasing and pursuing of men, instead of the other way around? Could it be, that we don’t know our self-worth or value?

I tell you, since I have finally taken the time to stop doing me, and I am now listening to my Father in heaven; I have a better understanding of who I am in Christ and what He wants and desires for me and my life. Trust me, by no means that doesn’t include me being treated poorly. Shoot! I am no slouch. No vagabond without a home, and nobody’s trash to be discarded; I am a Princess, a child of the Greatest King of Kings. And as such, I MUST be treated like royalty.

Sisters, too often we forget what family we belong to, and whose we are in Christ. We stay in relationships that we were never meant to be in, in the first place. The thing is this, if we want a different result, we must wait on the Lord to send us the man of His choosing. I know without a shadow of a doubt that, that man will be the perfect mate for us and we will be treated like the queens we are meant to be treated like.
When I think of that perfect man, I think of the book of Ruth in the bible, and how Ruth met Boaz. Basically, the story of Ruth teaches us the value of trusting God with our circumstances and our future. And that obedience always brings blessings which in this particular case, was Boaz, who was the perfect man for Ruth (Ruth 3:10).

I find, my sisters, that when we keep our eyes on God and focus on Him, we tend to not end up with second best and the wrong mate. I guess what I have been trying to say throughout this blog is, we have to exercise discipline with matters of the heart and our bodies. We have to treat ourselves like royalty. And above all else, wait on the Lord to send us the man that He chooses for us.

Sistah do you hear me? How are you treating yourself?