Looking Good

pexels-photo-925284.jpegWritten by – Kim Johnson – Author of I Am My Sister (Women helping Women) @ immysister.org

As a little girl growing up in an urban area during the sixties and seventies, I never thought much about my looks or my appearance. My girlfriends and I wore dungaree’s every day and black eyeliner.  We were carefree, and happy.  We focused our energy on dancing, singing and fantasizing about what our wedding day would be like when we grew up.

My first introduction into my appearance and what I looked like, came when I began dating.  My then, boyfriend, hated the way I dressed, especially my dungarees, so he took me shopping; he actually purchased my first girly outfit. Since then, I have been conscious of what I look like.  When I look back at that little girl, I wonder if that experience shaped my view of myself as an adult.

Recently, I spoke with a male friend of mine about looking good, and he told me that women have to fix themselves up to look the best that they can, because men are attracted to what a woman looks like initially.

I say, women need to look the way they want to look; and that it shouldn’t matter what we wear, or for that matter, not wear, for men to be attracted to us. I guess, what I actually mean is, as women, we need to be happy with ourselves.  We need to have that self confidence that comes from within us. That knowledge that, we are wonderfully made, and that God created us to look the way we look. We were made by God, and He did not make any mistakes. We shouldn’t have to dress a certain way or change our appearances in order to please the men in our lives.

Sistah to Sistah, do you hear me! What do you think?



2 thoughts

  1. I xan hear you my sister. I agree a person has to be happy from within first. If you are not happy within it will not reflect on the outside . Women love yourselves and it will show on the outside. Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress, do your hair or anythibg else concerning your appearance. You are fearfully and winderfully made. God didnt make no junk.


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