All Eyes on God

No matter what you are going through Keep your eyes on God, God will work it all out…

I Am My Sister

Image result for Keeping Eyes On GodWritten by – Kim Johnson – Author of – I Am My Sister @

For the majority of my life, I have lived life on my own terms, I guess you could say, living La Vida Loca (the crazy life); doing what I want, when I wanted. Then September 11th happened and God got my attention. One of the things I can honestly say is, life is better than it was before.  When problems come, I talk with God about them.  Sometimes when I bring a problem to God He solves them immediately, it’s like, from my mouth, to His ears, that’s how fast He solves them.

Basically, what I am saying to you is, no matter what you are going through sisters, keep your eyes on God.  Talk to God when you are going through adversity, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you need…

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2 thoughts

  1. Yes, thank you Kim for this reminder. I have to check myself sometimes and ask God for forgiveness for trying to walk it out ahead of him wondering why I see no results, lol… I’ve learned that God gives us free will. When we turn it over to the great I AM, he will surely turn things around in our lives. I am grateful God’s kindness and mercy, it endures forever.

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